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Hejhej arvosteli ravintolan Shams Flavours: Awesome flavours and service with a smile.
8 €
Hejhej lisäsi ravintolan Shams Flavours suosikkilistalleen.
Hejhej arvosteli ravintolan Queen Sheba - Kuningatar Saba: Lunch is overpriced at 11.90 euro with very limited selection (ethiopian pancakes, some red sauce, tomatoes, cheese and a beef dish).
12 €
Hejhej arvosteli ravintolan Muskan: Got lured into ordering food from this restaurant by some beautiful pictures of Dosas.
Hejhej arvosteli ravintolan Lie Mi Vietnamese Kitchen (Liemi): We visited Liemi on a saturday for the buffet (4 adults) At 19.5 euro, it is simply not worth as it does not serve anything better or tastier than any other buffet place in town: cold noodles, chicken wings, some dumplings.
19 €
Hejhej arvosteli ravintolan Momotoko: Complete waste of time and money unless you enjoy eating a bowl of salt in a cramped place with crappy music blaring out loud.
Hejhej arvosteli ravintolan KOKORO Sushi (Pick 'n Mix): A nice little restaurant with great interior serving excellent sushi, among the best in Helsinki.
Hejhej arvosteli ravintolan Bodo: The food was so salty, it was not possible to taste anything else in the ramen.