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Rovaniemen asemaravintola

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Good Pizza, fast delivery and REALLY nice cashier lady. .
Reindeer sausage were, good and
lunch was delicious...

Other side of the restaurant smells like old cigarettes.

Experience: À la carte Price: 11€ Added: 12.11.2016 View previous reviews (2)
Rating: 0

Is this a disco or a restaurant/cafe at a station? If you hear the radio booming over your conversation as you walk from the platform, imagine the racket as you go tens of metres into this place of entertainment. Cosy, comfortable, enjoyable place this wasn't. An abc service station has more charm. Quick 180 degree turn for me. Preferred the cold. Wife took the kid in quickly. Not a word of positivity came after. Quite a few people seemed to be in and out too.

Experience: Lunch Price: 10€ Added: 23.11.2015
Rating: 0

Pizzat ja porokebab säväyttävät. Kahvilla on tunnelmallista käydä rautatieaseman ruuhkattomina hetkinä.

Experience: À la carte Added: 20.09.2014
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Ratakatu 3, 96100 Rovaniemi - Route
016 318 818