How do I add a missing restaurant?

We're delighted you found one! Login and click the "Add a restaurant" link in header.

Can I edit my old reviews?

No, but you can add a new review. Only the latest review counts on averages and is shown in review listing.

What's the wishlist for?


We thought it would be useful to easily bookmark restaurants that you haven't been to yet, but would like to remember for later. (This feature is for registered users only.) When you add a restaurant to your wishlist, it shows up on the main map with a checkmark on it, and on a list in your profile page.

What's a "top reviewer"?

At the moment, top reviewers are the people who are in the top 5% in terms of number of restaurants reviewed. Since they have apparently the broadest experience in terms of having eaten at many restaurants, we think you can trust their opinions a bit more than that of the average anonymous reviewer.

What kind of establishments do you list?

This site is for people who are hungry, not people looking for a place to go hang out. There are other sites that list the best bars and night clubs. We'd like to make sure that when you walk starving halfway across town through a blizzard to the last open restaurant, you won't be greeted with a shrug and an olive. If it's on our map, it should have a selection of food that you could consider a real lunch or dinner. If you find a bar that doesn't serve proper meals, please let us know so we can delete it.

Why do you have so few categories?

We believe that the more categories you have to choose from, the less you feel like bothering to go out at all. Especially if you're hungry. We also believe that most of the time you don't really have an ultra-exact requirement anyway. Once you have eliminated the options you know you don't want, just use your mouse to browse the rest on the map. We're sure you'll find something you like.

What do the categories mean?

Asian food: Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Indian, Nepalese, Thai...Kiinalaista, japanilaista, korealaista, intialaista, nepalilaista, thaimaalaista...
European food: American, Italian, French, Finnish...
Other ethnic food: Turkish, Greek, Lappish, Tex-Mex, theme restaurants, and other speciality places...
Bar/Pub food: Bars/pubs that serve food.
Fine dining: Gourmet food, white tablecloths, and an elegant atmosphere. Impresses your date.
Cafés: Non-alcohol-focused social establishments serving sandwiches, pastries, etc.
Fast food: Kebab places, pizzerias, chains. Cheap food made fast and usually take-away.

Why can I only review each restaurant once?

In the past we've had problems with competitors trying to bring a restaurant's average ratings down by posting multiple bad reviews. Obviously for the sake of credibility, we can't allow this to happen, so we're sticking to a one restaurant, one vote principle.

Why aren't I allowed to write about food poisoning, tax fraud or a piece of finger found in a pizza?

Every reputable restaurant review website has this kind of rule. These accusations are so serious, so hard to prove without an official investigation and also so easy to write anonymously that competitors or angry customers often use them as a "nuke" against a restaurant. A single opinion doesn't affect a restaurant permanently, but these kind of rumors published "officially" on this kind of website can bring down a restaurant in a matter of weeks, regardless of whether the accusations are true or not. We always recommend contacting the authorities directly if something serious has happened, so that professionals can investigate the issue properly and do something about it. Since it's almost impossible to fully verify credibility on the Internet we don't leave this kind of content on the website even if you claim you're a sanitary inspector who has been to the restaurant in question.

Did we forget something?

If you didn't find an answer to your question, you can contact us with the feedback form.