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Restaurant: Block by Dylan scandinavian, fusion

Nice spacious venue. Great desserts. Unfortunately, anything else is not really that good anymore. Feels like just another place that lives of its past great reputation.
4th visit... and probably the last one.

Experience: Breakfast / brunch Price: 43€ Added: 12.11.2017
Rating: 0

We have eaten many times at Café Piritta in the last 3 years. We always enjoyed eating there for lunch, brunch or dinner. On our last two visits, we were really disappointed. Brunch was real not worth it, too expensive for the quantity and quality of ingredients served. Lunch was very average: pasta and pasta and salt.
Still a great place for a coffee... not for food though.

Experience: Lunch Price: 22€ Added: 13.10.2017
Rating: 0

Restaurant: Soppakeittiö Tapaste soups

I like the idea: tasty bread with filling soups in an informal surrounding. Partly it works, BUT the soups are too salty, so salty it is difficult to taste what you´re eating.

I wish they would stop calling their fish soup a bouillabaisse cause it is just not a bouillabaisse.

Experience: À la carte Price: 10€ Added: 20.08.2017
Rating: 0

Restaurant: Kita Esplanadi

Nothing special about this restaurant: sushi is sort of okey, just the average stuff on offer in many buffet sushi places in Helsinki.
Is it worth the wait in the queue at lunch time? Don't think so.

Experience: À la carte Added: 20.08.2017
Rating: 0

Restaurant: Sandro Kallio North African

29. 90 euro for a Sunday brunch is just crazy and arrogant.

Food is okeyish but not as good as it used to be. The promise of a glass of mimosa/sparkling wine won't help to make eating here a great experience, rather a good excuse for overcharging.

Left the place disappointed and ripped off.

It just so happens that I ate at Sandro´s for dinner a few weeks ago. The food was much better and all of use (4 adults) enjoyed our dishes. Pity there is no decent wine to go with the food. We tried a couple, were even offered "something special" by the waiter... but, nah, did not work for us.

Experience: Breakfast / brunch Price: 30€ Added: 20.08.2017
Rating: 0

Best brunch in town. Love the place, the food, the coffee, the staff. Right price for quality ingredients.
Always leave the place satisfied.

Experience: À la carte Added: 20.08.2017
Rating: 0

Restaurant: MELT New York Eatery new york eatery

Over priced and unexciting brunch offering salads + a choice of "main" courses (pancakes, waffles or egg Benedict). One small cup of coffee included in the price. Additional cups cost an extra 50 cents.

Otherwise, a lovely place with pleasant and smiling staff. Just wish they´d get their brunch offer "in shape"

Experience: Breakfast / brunch Price: 20€ Added: 20.08.2017
Rating: 0

Restaurant: Ravintola Saaga lappish

In an attempt to create a cozy atmosphere, the lighting is kept to a minimum. Nice try; the restaurant ends up being so dark we had to use the light on our smartphones to read the menu and see our food while eating.

We had moose, reindeer, fish and a selection of starters. The moose and fish were ok.
The reindeer meat comes in a heavy metal pot in some soup base: with a big wooden spoon, one scoops out the meat from the pot…. which takes some time as there is so little meat in there. (And do we really need this pots and spoons and whatnot on already crowded tables?) While the meat was tender, it was so salty it became barely eatable. The mashed potatoes were very tasty, but the portion too small. Finally, the red wine was too warm and had some smell of pine tree... that was weird.

On the positive side, the service was good and attentive. When mentioning the salty food, we were offered some extra food with less salt.

Overall, this restaurant could be the right place for a fun night out with friends in an unusual setting if some simple adjustments were made in terms of lighting, seasoning of the food and maybe getting rid of unnecessary gimmicks when serving the food.

Experience: À la carte Price: 250€ Added: 09.08.2017
Rating: 0

Restaurant: Shams Flavours south indian fast food

Awesome flavours and service with a smile. Enjoyed their dosa and idli very much and looking forward to try their byriani.

Experience: À la carte Price: 8€ Added: 10.06.2017
Rating: 0

Lunch is overpriced at 11. 90 euro with very limited selection (ethiopian pancakes, some red sauce, tomatoes, cheese and a beef dish). There was barely any beef in the dish. Cannot even say that it was tasty.
Either serve a decent lunch or just keep the restaurant close. This is a rip off.
Compared to two years ago, I wonder what happened with this restaurant.

Experience: Lunch Price: 12€ Added: 16.05.2017
Rating: 0