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Restaurant: LN-Sushi Art

Gads, I'm SO going back there again at the first opportunity. Heck, I wouldn't even consider its location out in the 'burbs to be too far, anymore. I have only tried one other Helsinki Japanese restaurant so far, but this one was fresher, friendlier, and carried a wider selection. The prices were reasonable and everything well-executed. One of the best measures for a sushi restaurant, I've found, is if I feel like I could be sitting down to somewhere back home, which is what this place did very well.

Experience: À la carte Added: 01.04.2014
Rating: 2

Restaurant: Hanko Sushi Jumbo

Go to the Fazer cafe instead. It's a few shops down and has tons of tasty baked goods. If you're really craving sushi, go to Stockmann grocery downstairs and pick up a variety pack of frozen sushi toppings. You'll get pretty much the same goods for a much better price and no petulant high schoolers looking put-upon to be behind the cashier.

Experience: À la carte Added: 04.04.2014
Rating: 0