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Restaurant: Makalu

Me and my girlfriend are the regular customer of this place (for both lunch and dinner). I eat all kinds of food and my girlfriend prefers vegetarian foods. I am giving this review based on our experiences so far.

Staffs are very nice and super friendly. One do not have to wait for long for the food. I have eaten in many Nepalese/Indian restaurants around Helsinki and I can say that they have one of the best Nepalese food in the city. I prefer meat items, for example, chicken and lamb menus. They have very good menu selection on those. My girlfriend prefers vegetarian and fish dishes, and she is the one who is usually suggesting to go to this restaurant :D

Menu prices are reasonable compared to other same category restaurants and definitely not overprice/overrated.

Personal suggestion: Go for dinner, try out on of those lamb menus and order a Kathmandu beer to wash down your food!

Experience: À la carte Added: 20.06.2015
Rating: -1

Restaurant: Krog Madame
Experience: À la carte Added: 20.06.2015
Rating: 0