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Restaurant: Ravintola Grön

Absolutely fantastic! On a special occasion we were searching for a restaurant and luckily stumbled upon Ravintola Grön, especially lucky since they have only been open 2 weeks! It's a simple and unassuming little place, with a short menu focused on dishes that are prepared with passion and quality, mostly Finnish, ingredients. The courses were even delivered and described by the chefs themselves! We both had the 4-course menu and shared a unique bottle of biodynamic red wine. Easily the best food I've had in months, and one of the best desserts I've had in my life. Pleasant atmosphere, friendly staff, genuine chefs, and simply delicious food. Highly recommend.

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Restaurant: B-Side Bar

Fantastic selection of American whiskeys and imported craft beers! Keisari on tap!
Great laid-back atmosphere and a real gem of Teurastamo. Tasty and affordable sandwiches also.

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