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Restaurant: Woolshed Helsinki Australian Gastropub

My first thought of the place was here we go another Australian bar in Helsinki, but this one is actually run by Australians, place has a great atmosphere and genuine aussie charm all the staff are super friendly and the food for this hungry vegetarian was really great. situated in a great location it backs onto the last platform of rauta asema and seeing the trains through the massive glass windows is a nice added feature. i havent even started on the beers, great selection of craft beers from camden brewery and the woolshed blends i cant remember where they are from but also from England, theres an IPA and a Blond both where comsumed with ease.

Upplevelse: Lunch Priset: 10€ Tillagt: 26.04.2014
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Restaurant: Soi Soi

Hail Seitan! !! great little place right near the sorneinen metro, waffle past all the drunks to find this gem of a little place.

Upplevelse: À la carte Tillagt: 19.06.2013
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