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We wanted to have a nice family dinner and decided to visit newly opened Makaronitehdas in Iso Omena. The place was nice and quiet with friendly staff. We were offered bread and made our order (Bolognese and Puttanesca). The pasta arrived fast and portions seemed to be large. However, this is where the positive experience has ended. Bolognese had way too much paper and the minced meat had an off taste to it. Puttanesca which claimed to have anchovies just had anchovy paste mixed into the sauce. The pasta itself was over boiled and sauce lacked any taste at all. After eating about 10% from our dishes (even kids refused to eat it) we asked for the bill. The shop offered us "bread on the house" (which apparently costs 10 euros!! and we haven’t been even told). No refund for uneaten pasta or even suggestion of a complementary meal next time. Basically 40 euros down the toilet. Not coming here again.

Erfahrung: À la carte Preis: 40€ Hinzugefügt: 09.09.2016
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