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Restaurant: Brooklyn Cafe

The Bagels are killer! I can tell they've done something to improve the them: Fresh, moist and delicious! I recommend the prosciutto on an everything bagel...

Coffee is great, no problems there... but I'm a sucker for the Mexican Hot Coca. Chocolatey, generous amount of whipped cream and game changer: chilli spice!

They updated the music since I was last there (in early May). This time around it seemed like a never ending mix of jazz, blues and some hip-hop. Nice mix of old and new tunes.

Can't forget the service;) The girl who was there (Sharron?) was cheerful and the most important part: fast!

Ya done Brooklyn proud girls! I'll be sure to be back every time I'm in town

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Restaurant: Café de Nopal

Thank u baby Jesus! Finally some real Mexican Food!!!

Can't tell you my level of frustration with the Helsinki Mexican food until I found this place!

Service=spot on
Prices=well worth it

I will be back, that I can promise

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Restaurant: Cafe Java

Location, location, location!

Food is pretty good, coffee is average, but it is well worth it for the location.

Great view of the city center and people watching lol

Great place to meet friends or take someone if they're new to Helsinki

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