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Goodwin Steak House

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The GOODWIN Steak House is the only classic American steakhouse in the Baltics and Scandinavia. A team of professionals used steakhouse traditions and their own first-hand experience to create the first restaurant of its kind in Estonia. We have studied the concept for many years in the US and Australia, the countries of origin of steak production and cooking culture; the countries where steakhouses are national symbols – which is why we are proud to offer an authentic American Steakhouse with all the appropriate attributes. We opened our first restaurant in Tallinn in March 2009, eager to share our passion for steaks.

GOODWIN is a place for those who like beef. It is a place of interest for those who come here to eat a steak and for those who come here eager for our meals and for us to tell you about the unique taste of marbled beef. Our cooks and waiters, managers and technicians, every single GOODWIN’s employee is first and foremost a beef specialist: the beef will not tolerate non-professionals. Selected marbled beef is no ordinary beef. The beef that we use goes a long way and is strictly tested before we are able to cook the best steaks for you. Whether or not the beef finds its way to our coal ovens depends on minute details: in what part of the world the future steak was bred and raised, what did it eat and drink, how it was packed and sent to us, to GOODWIN. We deliver the best beef in the world from Australia and the US only, and we use unique technologies to cook ideal steaks in our coal ovens. We know everything about our steaks: where and how the bulls are bred, how the beef is stored and delivered, and the best way to cook and serve steaks. And we at GOODWIN also love our guests, given that the real joy of a real craftsman is to share his knowledge, experience and products with people. We do not make advances to our guests, do not try to attract them with a Texas setup or florid names of meals, we do not tell tales about our cuisine. We respect our guests and we share with them the best of what we have – our steaks. Our menu was designed for true beef lovers. The dishes are perfectly designed to create a real food enjoyment. So is our wine list.

The success of Goodwin is caused by both a rational advantage – the professionally cooked steaks made of select beef – and the emotional part of the concept, included in the name of our steakhouse. The word “Goodwin” (the name of the restaurant) comes from the old English “Go-dwine,” consisting of “go-d” (“good”) and ‘wine” (“friend”). When the general linguistic culture came to Old Britain, the name “Goodwin” was standardised. See more about the name, its origin and the profound meaning at our website GOODWIN’s guests are good people, our friends and real winners who like beef and came to have a steak. The personnel of the steakhouse are good people who cook and serve the steaks.
According to GOODWIN’s philosophy, steakhouse culture is based on three main principles: the cult of beef, the cult of wine and the cult of guests. The cult of beef is an expert approach to steaks, from beef selection to cooking technology. The cult of wine includes professional wine selection: we know everything about wines and offer those perfectly suited to our steaks. The cult of guests is the basis of our hospitality. We know and love our guests, and we create the most comfortable environment for them. Guests enjoy everything in GOODWIN – meals, dinks, music, service, and the open and friendly environment. And we are sure that having once tried what we were able to achieve, you will become a true admirer of real steaks and will hence be our true friend!

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Ihana paikka ja kaikinpuolin mahtava kokemus! Pihvit ovat todella hyviä, sanat eivät oikein riitä kuvailemaan, joten suosittelen kokeilemaan!
Todella mukava ja ystävällinen henkilökunta!

Experience: À la carte Added: 31.03.2018
Rating: 0

Olen käynyt monta kertaa Helsingin Goodwinissa ja erot ovat: Tallinnan paikka on isompi. Valtavan kokoinen yläkerta. Tarjoilu on yhtä nopeaa kummassakin paikassa ja myös ruoan laatu on vastaavaa. Mielestäni listat ovat samanlaiset mutta Tallinnassa on muutama alkuruoka joita en tunnistanut

Experience: À la carte Price: 50€ Added: 10.03.2018
Rating: 0

En itse ole niin pihvin ystävä, mutta halusin viedä puolisoni. Itse valitsin vege vaihtoehdon. Aika paljon oli ihmisiä ja itsekin tein pöytävarauksen, joka varsinkin loppuviikosta hyvä tehdä. ruoka oli hyvää samoin palvelu

Experience: À la carte Added: 03.03.2018
Rating: 0

Loistava pihvipaikka! Hyvä valinta talvilomalaiselle.

Experience: À la carte Added: 26.02.2018
Rating: 0

Hyvä sijainti! Ravintolassa on mukava tunnelma viettää iltaa ystävien kesken. Palvelu oli sujuvaa vaikka paikka oli melko täynnä. Talon pihvit ovat herkullisia, mutta suosittelen maistamaan myös kala-annoksia!

Experience: À la carte Price: 20€ Added: 20.02.2018
Rating: 0



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