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Restaurant: Ravintola Tori finnish

Thumbs up for the service. Really nice! The food is good. I can recommend the sandwiches as well as the infamous meatballs. The antipasti plate was a bit expensive for what you actually get. Nice place to hang out and certainly better than expected compared to earlier experiences.

Experience: À la carte Price: 15€ Added: 22.06.2009
Rating: 2

Restaurant: Ravintola Martta finnish

Very modern restaurant with nice atmosphere, very friendly staff and good food. I had pasta, my colleagues went for traditional Finnish food. Salad as well as coffee, tea and shortbread are included in the lunch. We all left the restaurant happy and will definitetly be back.

Experience: Lunch Price: 9€ Added: 14.10.2009
Rating: 4

Service is slow, but friendly. The pizza looked better than it tasted, the pasta was ok. There was a problem with the vine, but they made up for it. Overall, an ok place to go for lunch, but I would not like to go back and try more

Experience: Lunch Price: 9€ Added: 22.06.2009
Rating: 4

Restaurant: Ristorante Zio Pepe italian

The staff is lovely! They are super friendly and are always smiling, even when this place gets really crowded. I recommend the pasta there. Portions are huge!

Experience: À la carte Price: 9€ Added: 09.06.2008
Rating: 0

Restaurant: Basilica restaurant

The terrasse is a nice place for a lunch! Lunchbuffet was basic and good Finnish food. The restaurant is though one of those places where the waiters concentrate on taking your plate away before you really finished eating.

Experience: Lunch Price: 9€ Added: 09.06.2008
Rating: 1

Restaurant: Schönes Fräulein german

Wurstplatte was ok, but nothing special. The sauerkraut is too sweet and I probably missed the moment when Scampi made found their way into German kitchen. Also, the German spelling on the menue is full of mistakes. Service was friendly, but overstrained.

Experience: À la carte Price: 20€ Added: 09.06.2008
Rating: 1

Restaurant: Ravintola Tori finnish

Nice atmosphere. Decent food. Friendly staff, though I recommend them not to bite nails or play with their hair when working with food, even though the waiters are "just" serving it. That been seen, I won't eat there again.

Experience: À la carte Price: 12€ Added: 09.06.2008
Rating: 0