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Restaurant: Nerone italian/pizza

Ennen hyviä pizzoja tarjonnut ravintola on nykyään todella surkea. Pizza oli yksi huonoimmista syömistäni. Pohja oli sitkeä kuin kengänpohja ja reunoilta pizza oli palanut. Täytteetkin olivat aika lailla halvinta mahdollista laatua. Myös tarjoilija oli todella pihalla, eikä esim. ikinä tuonut tilaamiamme juomia.


Experience: À la carte Price: 11€ Added: 01.07.2017
Rating: -1

Restaurant: GIWA korean

After reading much praise, I decided to try this place. I had bibimbap with beef, but unfortunately I was very disappointed. The beef was minced and there was very little of it, and the vegetables weren't as tasty as they could've been - and they were cold! Also the rice was sticky and dry. The red pepper paste was served separately, and there was very little of it. I also would've liked a whole fried egg instead of those small strips. Quite a bad disappointment, but I still have to return to try their kimbap. I also ordered kimchi as a small side dish. That was, by far, the tastiest part of my meal. Unfortunately the portion was REALLY small.

The good thing is that the atmosphere was great, the waiters were nice and the meal included a cup of quite tasty tea. But based solely on the Beef Bibimbap, I wouldn't recommend the place.

Experience: À la carte Price: 14€ Added: 19.02.2013
Rating: 0