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This is the third time within three months that we stumbled on to a pretty good Asian restaurant in a provincial Finnish town almost in the proverbial "middle of nowhere". We stopped at Kimchee for lunch just before their buffet lunch was about to close. The salad bar had some Asian choices, including kimchee! The main courses were chicken korma and egg/bean/mushroom omelette with sriracha sauce. A pleasant surprise was whole grain rice ("modern" comes with the license to deviate from offering white jasmine rice!).

Their menu looked very interesting including hot lavastone barbecue, which is rare even in Helsinki (the chef said only one trendy Helsinki restaurant has it). If I happen to come by Uusi Kaupunki again, I'll be sure to try a la carte.

I do hope that this place gets the attention it deserves and survives. It is a good sign for the Finnish food scene that restaurants like this are cropping up in small towns!

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Sepänkatu 1, 23500 Uusikaupunki - Route
+358 44 558 1000