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I paid nearly 50 euros for 4 drinks and this is what happened afterwards: Whilst making the 2 gin&tonics I had ordered, the bartender spilled nearly all the gin of one of the drinks on the table because he was not even looking at the glasses while pouring the drink. When I pointed this out to him, quite politely I might add, he added some gin in the glass but also instantly became very aggressive. Then it turned out that he had actually served one of the drinks I had ordered (and paid for) to someone else AND had the nerve to actually blame me (the customer) for his mistake. At this point I told the young man that it is not really my problem if he serves the drinks to wrong people as he didn't even announce the names of the drinks/the order while serving. He then actually started to insult me by backchatting how I have "a negative attitude" etc. while he (the poor guy) must work on a saturday evening. The crown jewel here is that one of the owners of the place was actually standing just a couple of feet away while all this happened. I asked him to intervene but he just raised his hands in the air. I mean, I'm sorry but WHAT?

While it seems that customer service is not included in the price of a 12 euro drink (not to mention four 12 euro drinks) in this establishment, I do think that it is quite reasonable to expect to have the drink served in a glass - not poured on the table.

Also, it is a rather strange policy to blame customers for the sloppiness of the staff (eg. serving the orders to wrong people).

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