Enter Kaffe Kisahalli

coffee house
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If you know the way to the legendary Töölön Kisahalli you will find the way to us. You see Enter Kaffe Kisahalli is in the lobby of Töölön Kisahalli.

Good and healty?

Of course. We offer high quality coffee from Kaffa Roastery, roasted in Punavuori and grinded here at Kisahalli as well as protein snacks, juices, berry and fruit smoothies, generously filled sandwiches, fruit, quark and yoghurt. To satisfy a sweet tooth you can choose from our lush buns, Suklaakeisari's in Töölö prepared raw chocolate and ice cream.

Enter Kaffe Kisahalli's shutters open every day one hour after Kisahalli's doors do and close when entry to the hall ends, same applies for weekends and events.

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Paavo Nurmen Kuja 1, 00250 Helsinki - Route
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