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Come to my homy kitchen in the back of my store. I can fit 6-12 person maybe more if you squeeze a little. The price is minimum 40€/ person but can be higher if you feel like eating lobster, ribeye steak or other. You choose your budget.

You can also come to my cooking class who takes about 2 hours, whereafter you sit and have dinner. Then rhe maximum is 24 person. I have cooking classes both for kids and adults. Families, working teams, couples whatever fits you. Price 28€ for children between 7-12 years old. Adults 48€/person

You bring your own drinks.

My shop can also be rented for parties, then it fits max 35 persons. You can then order buffet from me or rent it empty.

Ii can also come and fix dinner home at your place or then you can pick up your dinner at Herkkutalo, or maybe just a risotto, a soup or a desert. Anything is possible.

Just call Nicole 040 -7430033

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Mukava ja ihana paikka. Mistä voi tilata katering palveluita tai juhlille tarkoitettu keitraus.

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