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Restaurant: Ravintola Tokyo55 japanese

kiva paika ja hyvää ruoka

Experience: À la carte Added: 29.11.2011
Rating: -1

Well pizza was ok, not bad. .if u are not vegetarian it is good option to go and for small price get much food.
but if u want to enjoy pizza there are much better places to go and for same money get great pizza.

Experience: À la carte Price: 8€ Added: 05.12.2011
Rating: 0

Restaurant: Ravintola Santa Fe tex-mex

the food is really nice. Salmon was cooked as it should be.Shrimps with garlic were so nice.Mud cake is my a bit too dark, but still quite nice.

Experience: À la carte Added: 01.12.2011
Rating: -4

Restaurant: Vegemesta Roba vegetarian burgers

Very small nice place! a bit slow service.. but the taste was really nice, very fresh. definetly i go visit there again..

Experience: À la carte Price: 8€ Added: 03.12.2011
Rating: 0

Restaurant: Tamarin thai

Palvelu oli asiantuntevaa ja ystävällistä. Ruoka oli erittäin hyvää ja ajatuksella valmistettua..

Experience: À la carte Price: 9€ Added: 29.11.2011
Rating: 0