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Restaurant: Salve finnish

We love this place. The food is tasty and the portions are huge. As an extra bonus the service is both attentive and friendly.

Order the most basic foods, liver, meatballs, herring or schnitzel but avoid the very simple french fries. The price is a bit on the high end for this kid of plain food but it is what it is. Salve 4ever

Experience: Lunch Added: 17.03.2019
Rating: 0

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Restaurant: BBQ House steak restaurant

Sadly our visit was a disappointment. The delivery of our order lasted over one hour!! The waiter told us this was because of a group of twelve people arriving at the same time as we did but still...

The lamb tenderloin was ok (the meat was a litle tough), and the rather spicy burger really quite good. The service was very friendly.

Overall this is not a place we would visit again.

Experience: À la carte Price: 25€ Added: 12.03.2016
Rating: 0