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Restaurant: Huvilan kahvila

Lohipasteija ja kahvi =3€. Oli myös tosi herkullista. Tietenkin gluteeniton mutta niin hyvä et kai "tavis" ihminen ei huomais sen erikoisuutta. Hinta oli kans hyvä kun keliaakikona olen tottunut maksata 2 tai 3 kertaa normi hinnan. Voin lämpimästi suositella huvila kaikille

Experience: À la carte Added: 08.05.2012
Rating: 0

Restaurant: Gaijin

We went here for my girlfriends 30th birthday. Not sure how i could have been more disappointed. So noisy you can't hear the person across from talk. Food was very much hit and miss, at worst, pretty forgettable. And it's not exactly cheap. Our waitress was grumpy - the rest of the staff were very professional though. And they bring you your meals very quickly: with that many tables jammed into such a small space and the speed of service, it's difficult to shake the feeling of being on a conveyerbelt. Feels like cashing in on the good name of Farang: not in the same league. My advice: don't bother trying it.

Experience: À la carte Added: 02.10.2011
Rating: -1

Restaurant: Lemon Grass thai

Good food. Reasonably priced. One of the best Thai restaurants in Helsinki

Experience: À la carte Price: 12€ Added: 02.10.2011
Rating: 0