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Restaurant: Pasha's Restaurant buffet, fast food

The best baklava in Helsinki!

Experience: Lunch Price: 8€ Added: 30.09.2010
Rating: 0

Restaurant: Pasha's Restaurant buffet, fast food

Today, I had the best lasagne here in a long time. And the best thing is that when you get hungry after everyone else's 'lunch hour' closes, you still get lunch price in this place!

Experience: Lunch Price: 9€ Added: 01.10.2009
Rating: 0

Restaurant: New Bamboo Center malaysian

Kung Po chicken for lunch. Considering the price it was a good deal.

Experience: Lunch Price: 6€ Added: 12.10.2009
Rating: -1

Krulla was a lot better in the old location. Thrilled to hear that Krulla had re-opened, I went to check their new location for lunch and was quite disappointed. For several reasons: 1) lunch *buffet* where you can choose between soup and another dish? all other lunch buffets I ever been to, you can have it all 2) i went for the other dish which was chicken+potatoes: the quality was very disappointing: breaded chicken pieces whose origins to mass manufacturer were obvious, cold potatoes, and no sauce of any kind made it almost impossible to get this dry food down, 3) the buffet was out of salad, bread and chicken and it took an amazing 5-10 minutes to refill the salad, bread was a bit quicker to be refilled, 4) and all of this for 9.90€. I am sorry to say, but you get better food for better value almost anywhere else. I am particular sad to write this critical review of their lunch as I very much enjoy their coffees and cakes. I'll go back again to see if the quality of those is still up to par, but for lunch, not worth it.

Experience: Lunch Price: 10€ Added: 09.02.2010
Rating: 0

Restaurant: Ravintola Pihatonttu family restaurant

Great lasagna, generous portion, maybe just a tad too much salt.

Experience: Lunch Price: 9€ Added: 19.01.2010
Rating: 0

Restaurant: Thai Restaurant Orchid thai

I love this place even more than before. Time to add it to my favourites. You get a delicious starter (on Thursday's it's spicy chicken salad - yum!!), then I had red curry vegetables in coconut milk for main (three peppers on the spiciness scale), and for desert there is a variety of cookies to enjoy with coffee or one of the teas. What else can you wish for?

Experience: Lunch Price: 8€ Added: 16.10.2009
Rating: 2

Restaurant: Meze Point meze

I went back after a while. The good thing was that they added a couple of new items to their Meze lunch table now, which was nice. Unfortunately, the warm dishes were not really that warm. The other thing that I find not soo nice is their policy that you can only take one plate. Not because it would not be possible to have enough on the plate; rather the contrary: it feels like you have to pile up on your plate just in case and then people tend not to eat all. I don't understand this restriction when everyone else's lunch buffet in town allows you to go for seconds.

Experience: Lunch Price: 9€ Added: 15.10.2009
Rating: 3

Restaurant: Casa Largo tapas bar

Good tapas but poor service. We had albondigas, chorizo, jamon y manchego. Overall, the food quality was good (for Finland; I work a lot in Spain so I am used to real, authentic tapas). What ticked me off was the eye-rolling waitress which made a scene because we changed our mind about the selection of tapas we wanted. We will go back again, and hopefully have a service experience then that matches the food :) Oh, and 1.50e extra for a very small amount of bread, sorry, but thus the 'overpriced' rating.

Experience: À la carte Price: 18€ Added: 17.10.2009
Rating: 4

Restaurant: La Torrefazione

Nice taste and pleasing to the eye. After my first visit to try the Espresso, I had to come back and sample their lunch. I was very positively surprised by the spaghetti dish with meat and some sort of pea based sauce. Being initially somewhat skeptical, all doubts evaporated right at the first fork - what looked very artsy on the plate, also tasted very good. Something different and definitely worth treating your taste buds to.

Experience: Lunch Price: 9€ Added: 12.11.2009
Rating: 0

Restaurant: La Torrefazione

One of the better shots of espresso in Helsinki

Experience: Lunch Price: 2€ Added: 13.10.2009
Rating: 0


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