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Golden Jasmine

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I cannot say that this had any "wow factor" and the food was long from being ultra authentic or worth the journey, even if it was good by "Finnish-Chinese" standards.

I travel to this area quite often but, if I am honest, I won't rush back. Not because of a fault per se, but mainly as there are other restaurants to try. If this was in "Nowheresville" I'd go back, in Oulu it needs to up its game. Sadly a problem with far too many Asian-owned restaurants in Finland. Many start with promise then "go native" and make the food bland and uninspiring.

Kokemus: À la carte Lisätty: 08.06.2015
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Ruoka on erinomaista ja raikasta, palvelu miellyttävää. Lapsetkin huomioidaan aina. Ainoa miinus siitä, että jos tilaa noutoruuan soittamalla, sitä aletaan valmistaa vasta noutovaiheessa.

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Good chinese restaurants are hard to find in Finland. This is a really good one! The service is great. The prices are very reasonable. The food is excellent. The only thing i don't understand is how did such a little village get such a great restaurant?

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Kauppakatu 2, 91900 Liminka - Reitti