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Really good burgers in a sweet ambience.
Like all Hans im Glück restaurants, the interior is designed in the cute wood and birch tree style.
The menu plus names of the food fits in the topic of the German fairytale that gives the restaurant chain it's name.
You have a lot of options to choose, concerning the bun, toppings, sauces and side dishes. Food and drinks are pretty innovative.
Many vegetarian and vegan options.
Menu in English is available.

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Shisha bar with a nice, arabian style atmosphere and super chill lounges.
Terace to sit outside with a view on a typical Schwabing street in summer.
The shishas are fine, Prices between 10€ and 14€ depending on the tobacco.
A big variety of drinks with standard Munich prices.
Music is basically the same every time and pretty repeating - Let's call it the "Despacito-Genre". Plus there's always some sport on the displays, Formula 1 or ice hockey.
Service is okay, sometimes a bit inattentive.
No food served.

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Huge menu with delicious mexican food.
Enough vegetarian and vegan options.
Service is friendly and the ambience is really lovely designed like a mexican farm.
Also a good spot for having some drinks with different cocktails.

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