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Ravintola: Dong Bei Hu - China Tiger kiinalaista

Oops, I hate to be a wet blanket. But as an ethnic Chinese and who just returned after a 3.75 years expat stint in Chengdu, I was hugely disappointed by its lunch.

I let the waitress knew (in Chinese) I wanted Real Chinese food -none of those that had been sanitized for the Finnish taste buds. I was in fact given a Kong Pao Chicken, an off the menu dish so I expected it to be good. But the food that came was awful. Firstly, the spice quotient on a scale of 1 to 10 (being the spiciest) was a 1 and authentic Sichuan cuisine would be at least a 7 or 8. Secondly, there's that ubiquitous gelatinous sauce again!

My lunch partner (a Finn) remarked that it was just something warm to fill the stomach. However. To be fair, the waitress did warn that its lunch menu wasn't that authentic. The a la carte menu would have been better. I would try its dinner one day. But if you expect real Chinese, this is not the place for lunch at least.

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