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Ravintola: Café Balzac tuorepastaa ja salaattia

First I was searching for it and finally found it in the backyard. Nice tiny restaurant.
For lunch it was a very delicious meal and the amount was more than the usual average.

Kokemus: Lounas Hinta: 11€ Lisätty: 18.09.2013
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Ravintola: Café de Nopal meksikolaista

I got the best Enchiladas I ever had, everything tasted great. First we got nachos and 3 dips, which were all excellent, the main dish came fast and the desert was much better than I expected. This all was packed in a nice atmosphere with very friendly service.

Kokemus: À la carte Hinta: 14€ Lisätty: 26.10.2011
Arvosana: 4

Ravintola: Rollhouse rullaruokia ja salaatteja

A very friendly and comfortable atmosphere rounded a deliciuos meal.
As a starter there was a free salad with roasted bread (ours with garlic on top).
I had as a main course the beef roll where the filling builded a tasteful of vegies with tender beef. Sides where dips, joghurt and a piquant one, on the table alse a spicy one.
On top it for a taste we got some free vegie-balls with sauces.

Kokemus: À la carte Hinta: 13€ Lisätty: 14.01.2012
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Ravintola: Rafla eurooppalaista

even though it's a big room it was a nice environment with well trained and friendly staff.
I had the Beef carpaccio as a starter and Lamb meatballs as a main course, both were excellent of shape and taste.

Kokemus: À la carte Hinta: 32€ Lisätty: 14.01.2012
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