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Restaurant: Salutorget

Salutorget serves up unmemorable mediocre food, but what really turned me off was the ridiculously exorbitant price of a 1. 25l bottle of Hartwell Novelle sparkling water. It cost 9.80 EUR!

I truly thought it was a typo in their menu, but the uncaring waitress shrugged it off and said that was the price. In these days of instant feedback via sites such as this and the fight for customer retention, the management would do well to rethink the 9.80 price tag on a bottle of water.

Upplevelse: À la carte Priset: 35€ Tillagt: 30.01.2010
Betyg: 3

Restaurant: Elite restaurang

My family enjoyed dining at Elite. The ambiance is nostalgic and the decor and music suited the atmosphere. When the waitress noticed we were looking at the paintings, she gave us a paper with information about them. Very good of her to notice and to have the list to give us. Because this restaurant is a "classic" in Helsinki, I figured we would have the same old menu as everywhere else. But we were happily surprised. Two of us ordered entrees from the special menu. We were both pleased with the table-side flambeing, and my shrimp and scallops had a delicious sweet taste accented by the pastis. Great combination. I liked how the taste was reflected in the fennel risotto. We were very happy with this experience and have recommended it to friends.

Upplevelse: À la carte Priset: 40€ Tillagt: 09.02.2010
Betyg: 5

Restaurant: Nokka finskt

Excellent experience at Nokka. From the moment we walked in the door, we were treated like special guests. Minna, our server, knows how to maintain a perfect balance of attentiveness and discreetness. The Helsinki menu is tasty, using products grown and supplied by local producers. The wines matched perfectly with the dishes. This restaurant is a stand-out in Helsinki.

Upplevelse: À la carte Priset: 60€ Tillagt: 28.03.2010
Betyg: 1

Restaurant: Sundmans Krog restaurang

Delicious taste of Helsinki. We began with the herring buffet appetizer (which actually would be enough by itself & an option is to order it as the entree.)The lightly salted salmon was ironically a bit too salty, but still very tasty. Homemade ice cream for dessert was so good, I didn't want to mix it with the chocolate. Lovely location and friendly service.

Upplevelse: À la carte Priset: 40€ Tillagt: 28.03.2010
Betyg: 1

Restaurant: Nokka finskt

We had one of their seasonal menus (October) and was highly satisfied. Nokka sources much of their food from local farmers and producers. Food was rich without being too heavy.

Lovely location. Well-suited for the dark days of winter, but I wouldn't want to sit inside the dimly lit space in the summer.

Upplevelse: À la carte Priset: 65€ Tillagt: 30.01.2010
Betyg: 2

Restaurant: Kellarikrouvi finskt

Nice experience overall. The restaurant decor is quite cozy and well-suited for cold weather. Dining in a moodily lit cellar wouldn't be so delightful in the summer.

The soups are rich and hearty. Main courses are substantial. Desserts are expensive, as they seem to be in this tier establishment, but very tasty. I will return and take guests.

Upplevelse: À la carte Priset: 36€ Tillagt: 30.01.2010
Betyg: 2

Restaurant: Ravintola Sipuli

Beautiful atmosphere although slightly stuffy. Sit where you can see the cathedral through the glass roof.

I had a Christmas buffet lunch there that was superb, but regular dinner was a bit disappointing. Actually, the starter and the dessert were very good, but I could have skipped the main course and been just as satisfied.

Upplevelse: À la carte Priset: 45€ Tillagt: 30.01.2010
Betyg: 2

Restaurant: Nuevo spanskt

Our experience at Nuevo was really good. It was like an out-of-Finland experience with attentive service throughout the evening.

It was great to visit a restaurant that didn't have a carbon copy of everyone else's menu. Imaginative and tasty items, accompanied by decent, if not memorable, Spanish wine.

Upplevelse: À la carte Priset: 35€ Tillagt: 30.01.2010
Betyg: 2