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Sodexo Carl August

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mm. hampurilainen grillistä tosi hyvä, sekä ylikypsä possu erittäin hyvä lounaspöydästä.

Experience: Lunch Price: 9€ Added: 15.02.2014
Rating: 0

perus sodexo ruokala, hinta-laatu ei kohtaa

Experience: Lunch Price: 9€ Added: 15.08.2013
Rating: 0

Cafeteria style lunch restaurant at Lindström House. Visited by employees from near by office buildings. Lunch from 11AM to 1.30PM, usually packed for the first hour. Not the fanciest "restaurant"; but food has been of solid quality. Several options to choose from and they also serve steak from the grill.

Experience: Lunch Price: 9€ Added: 22.11.2009
Rating: 1


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Lautatarhankatu 6, 00580 Helsinki - Route
(09) 2514 6110