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healthy, english
Rating 3.5 / 5

Drunch is an exciting boutique eatery and lounge close by Laajalahti sea serving authentic, fresh and healthy food alongside pizza.

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Iskender-kebab omassa genressään aivan erinomainen. Liha, leipä ja kastikkeet olivat kaikki priimaa, eikä suoraan tukusta. Ehdottomasti paras kebab vuosikausiin.

Experience: À la carte Price: 8€ Added: 11.08.2015
Rating: 0

Tupakanhaju voimakas sisällä, palvelu usein tympeää.

Experience: À la carte Added: 08.06.2015
Rating: 0

munkan paras kuljetettu pizza. Nopea!

Experience: À la carte Added: 25.01.2014
Rating: 0

Munkkivuoren alueen kotiinkuljetuksella pizzan toimittavista känkkylöistä oma suosikkini. Pohja ei maistu taikinalta, tomaattikastike on hyvää ja rieskat ovat yleisesti ottaen meheviä.

Experience: À la carte Price: 7€ Added: 03.01.2014
Rating: 0

Koiranruokatasoista kebabia. Kuivat ranskalaiset ja kuiva liha. Rasia oli sisältä kuumuudesta sulanut ja muovin maku tarttunut ruokaan. Luultavasti lämmittäneet annoksen mikrossa.

Experience: À la carte Added: 09.11.2013
Rating: 0

If you want some fast food and don't really care what you get for seven euros, come here.

From old reviews this restaurant may once have been good and from the outside it looks nice, actually even inside it doesn't look so bad, but the food was fast food garbage.

I had a bolognese, my partner had chicken salad.

The chicken salad came with suola-kurkku not kurkku as it said on the menu. I told them that in the restaurant, but they didn't get it. The chicken was processed and didn't seem fresh, canned mushrooms (it's a salad not a pizza...), dry and cold pita bread. It also would have been covered in hamburger sauce if we didn't ask to have it separate.

The bolognese was supposed to come with a salad, but there was no salad. Just a bowl on an empty plate full of soggy spaghetti, ketchup tasting bolognese sauce containing something that could barely be passed for meat and some grated cheese mixed together in a bowl, plus a little more water in the bottom. It was an awfull mess in the bowl to be honest.

Experience: À la carte Price: 7€ Added: 09.07.2011
Rating: 2

7e kebabit ovat todella hintansa väärtejä, sillä annokset ovat todella kookkaita.

Experience: À la carte Price: 7€ Added: 07.03.2009
Rating: 0

Munkkiniemen hianoin italialainen ravintola! *Bling*

Experience: À la carte Price: 7€ Added: 18.10.2008
Rating: 0




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Hollantilaisentie 32, 00330 Helsinki - Route
09 - 458 4689