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Inappropriate customer service.

Gluten-freeness wasn't considered enough in the lunch menu. Customer servant didn't care about the feedback I gave - he was offended and he didn't even apologize. I send the feedback also by email but nobody answered me.

I won't come back nor recommend this cafe.

Experience: À la carte Added: 04.05.2016
Rating: 0

Siistin näköinen paikka jossa mukava lämmin terassi. Liikenteen melu tosin häiritsee aika paljon. Ylihinnoiteltu lohikeitto, josta lohta ei löytynyt oikeastaan yhtään. Keittoon kun lisäisi suolan ja lohen niin ok.
Kahville ja terassille tulen mielelläni. Lounaat syön jatkossakin muualla.

Experience: Lunch Price: 12€ Added: 27.04.2016
Rating: 0

Miljööltään mukava paikka, ja sijainti napakymppi. Olen käynyt täällä kahdesti. Kerran syömässä lounaskeiton (perus bulkki-lohisoppa josta meiltä pyydettiin korkeampi hinta mitä hinnastossa ilmoitettu) ja kerran juomassa teetä. Muodollisesti pätevä paikka, mutta teen tarjoilussa oli perusongelmia; lasi, josta tee tarjoiltiin, oli nätti mutta hyvin epäkäytännöllinen.

Experience: À la carte Added: 20.04.2016
Rating: 0

Toimiva paikka, mukava sisustus ja toistaiseksi tilaa ollut aina. Tarjoilujen ja palvelun osalta hetkessä unohtuvaa perustasoa.

Experience: À la carte Added: 26.01.2016
Rating: 0

Uskomattoman upea paikka! Loistava palvelu, hyvä hinta-laatusuhde ja kokoisekseen tilava mesta. Olen suositellut sydämeni pohjasta ystävillenikin hyvällä mielellä :)

Experience: À la carte Added: 05.11.2015
Rating: 0
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Absolutely perfect. Urban, modern design. Has a high roof, a lot of space. Has a industrial vibe. Works excellently as a place for work, socializing and relaxing.
Excellent service. Pellini coffee beans have a very nice and tender flavor, yet strong. Good salads with tasty fillings (shrimps, hummus, tatsiki). Recently opened a terrace, which is yet to be experienced!

Experience: À la carte Added: 24.06.2015
Rating: 0

Roasberg is located right in the city centre of Helsinki, just a couple of steps from the Rautatientori/Main train station, which makes it the perfect place fo have a relaxing coffee break for any traveller. What I loved most about the location is that you can sit at one of the cosy spots by the big glass windows and just spend hours looking out, enjoying the view of the city's pulsating heart. The whole place seems to be brand new and has a tasteful and atmospheric interior. The staff is very friendly and helpful and most importantly: The coffee is excellent! To go with your coffee you can choose from a selection of sweet and savoury snacks, such as dfferent cakes or salmon sandwiches. I can definitely recommend the salads; you get a base of green salad, tomato etc. and can choose from a selection of different 'fillings', for example shrimps or chicken, As every salad-lover will know, a good dressing is key to a good salad and when I went to Roasberg I could choose from different homemade dressings such as Avocado or Mango-Dressing. Portion sizes were very generous and the prices affordable for Helsinki-standards. I can imagine that Roasberg would be a great location for coffee-dates aswell as for study-sessions with your laptop or just enjoying a good book with a good cup of coffee.

Experience: À la carte Price: 15€ Added: 09.04.2015
Rating: 1



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