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One of the best Chinese buffett restaurants in Finland. Very good value and food was great for a buffett!

Experience: Lunch Price: 11€ Added: 29.06.2014
Rating: -2

Restaurant: Spice Garden

One of the best indian food restaurants in town! The employees are very friendly and the food is surprisingly inexpensive. Recommend this place highly

Experience: À la carte Added: 15.09.2012
Rating: 0

Restaurant: Wanha Laamanni

Alkuruoat erinomaisia. Pääruoat ok, mutta ei mitään erityistä. Jälkiruuat ihan hyvät.

Experience: À la carte Added: 03.02.2012
Rating: 0

Restaurant: Everest

Food was average. Good but definitely nothing special. There wasn't enough flavour in the lamb masala dish and even though it was supposed to be spicy (2 chillies) it was actually quite mild.

Price was ok for being in the city center and the atmosphere was fairly nice

Experience: À la carte Price: 15€ Added: 23.01.2011
Rating: 0

Restaurant: Cantina West tex-mex
Experience: À la carte Price: 25€ Added: 12.01.2011
Rating: 0