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Restaurant: Bites Burgers Kamppi

Great burger. Fries were a little soggy. Coleslaw wasn't anything special. Side salad was excellent. Both the standard burger and the special monthly burger are fantastic. Definitely worth it to pay the additional 1 or 2 euros to get the veggies. Bacon wasn't crispy. Got a free dip with the fries, thank you. Coke in a can. Music was too loud.

Experience: Lunch Price: 15€ Added: 06.02.2019
Rating: 0

Best burgers in Helsinki. A small space and can get a little smokey with the grill right in your face but that's part of the experience. Only 2 tables. Good cheesy fries and dip. Coke in glass bottles. Vegan alternative is some of the best vegan food in Helsinki region, not just burgers. Great music.

Experience: Lunch Price: 14€ Added: 06.02.2019
Rating: 0

Restaurant: LN-Sushi Art

Reliably among the top 3 of all sushi in the Helsinki capital region. Spacy interior. Charming service. Great chef. Everything on the menu is good.

Experience: Lunch Price: 20€ Added: 06.02.2019
Rating: 0

Restaurant: Ultima

Excellent food. 5 course lunch with 2 optional side dishes (which we took). The atmosphere is experiemental but very professional. Emphasis on locally grown ingredients. Classic strong flavors like berries and venison. Didn't drink alcohol. Great bread and even better olive oil. Very reasonable value for one of the finest restaurants in Helsinki.

Experience: Lunch Price: 60€ Added: 06.02.2019
Rating: 0

Restaurant: Roji

Fantastic sushi every time. Nice quiet atmosphere. Daily menu is a great deal. Good tea.

Experience: À la carte Price: 10€ Added: 06.02.2019
Rating: 0