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Exactumin Unicafe on yleensä vähän rauhaton paikka syödä. Kuten Unicafeissa yleensä, Kelan ateriatukeen oikeutetulle opiskelijalle vajaan kolmen euron työpaikkalounas on fiksu sijoitus.

Kokemus: Lounas Hinta: 3€ Lisätty: 16.03.2011
Arvosana: 2

This is typical Unicafe restaurant, very average in every way. The food is OK but nothing special. Would not like to eat here on a daily basis.

Kokemus: Lounas Hinta: 6€ Lisätty: 29.10.2010
Arvosana: 2

I visit Exactum's student cafeteria occasionally; the price for a PhD student is 4 euros, while for completely external visitors it's 5. 65. While towards the end of the lunch time there may not be as much selection, I do usually find a good and fairly priced lunch there. My main reason for not frequenting the place is that I don't remember to have lunch at work; as a student I went there regularly.

Exactum actually gets its dinners from Unicafe Chemicum across the street, and only the serving is managed in the small kitchenette in Exactum. As a result, the menu is always a subset of Chemicum's.

A speciality of the Unicafe restaurants is that the student body of the University of Helsinki actually owns the places through HYY Yhtymä. In essence, students decide for themselves what kind of food is served to them. While Unicafe is expected to not devour external budget, it does make an impressive effort at making food that does not just look good, but is actually good for you too.

It also has the most well-informed and helpful attitude towards special dietary needs of all workplace cafeterias I've seen, not to mention that the number of people passing by make it possible to serve vegetarian foods every day even if you haven't reserved such for yourself in advance. I feel good about eating in the Unicafe, which I can't say for any other workplace cafeterias I've seen so far.

The good rating for the atmosphere is mostly due to the closeness of the cafeteria to the student room and meeting familiar people in there, and as such is somewhat subjective. It's definitely a nice way to meet students on lunch breaks, and the location and reasonably small size of the cafeteria make it cosier than Unicafe Chemicum.

Kokemus: Lounas Hinta: 5€ Lisätty: 26.10.2010
Arvosana: 1

Söin katkarapukeittoa. Keitto muistutti mikrokatkarapukeittoa, mutta oli väkevämmän makuista. Hiukan turhan väkevää minun makuuni. Keitto oli myös hiukan kuivan kastikemaista.

Mehu oli hyvää, mutta se piti sekoittaa itse vedestä ja tiivisteestä. Salaattipöydästä löytyneet porkkanaraaste ja tomaattisipulisalaatti olivat syötäviä. Samoin leivät.

Mainitsemassani kolmen euron hinnassa on mukana opiskelija-alennus. Muut kuin opiskelijat maksoivat ruuasta enemmän.

Kokemus: Lounas Hinta: 3€ Lisätty: 19.10.2009
Arvosana: 5




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