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Ravintola: Pancho Villa meksikolaista

Vaasa has got so much better on offer. Please don't go to this place. Owned by a larger company, these restaurants are all ower Finland. I don't understand why, as the food doesn't taste anything, or contain that much nutrition. Fast food in a fake setting, somehow. Sorry to say!

Kokemus: À la carte Hinta: 15€ Lisätty: 17.09.2011
Arvosana: 3

Ravintola: Ravintola Kahvilla salaatteja, luomuruokaa

I was really impressed by this cosy café! If I lived in Tampere, this would be my n:r 1 place to go to. Service was polite, and though some of the clients might not have been all that nice, it didn't take down the experience. OK, I would prefer some seriously foody-food on the menu too, but for hanging about, drinking a cuf o f (organic of course) coffee or a beer... splendid.

Kokemus: À la carte Hinta: 10€ Lisätty: 17.09.2011
Arvosana: 4

Ravintola: Il Banco Ristorante & Caffetteria italialaista

I went here once, and have been talking about going back there agian. Varying food, professional service, and a setting different from mainstream. OK, it is expensive, but I know that the owners does invest the income in quality ingredients. Worth some waiting. A date in Vaasa coming up? Ask him/her to take you to this place!

Kokemus: À la carte Lisätty: 17.09.2011
Arvosana: 2

Ravintola: Chili & Lime aasialaista

Random asian. But there is nothing bad about this place. It just doesn't mean anythng special to me. Though I've been here a few times, and food was okay, as well as the service, it isn't a place I recommend in the first place. If your really hungry, it is of course worth going there as you can eat as much as you like. It used to be open until later, and I remember I liked the ambience in the evening back then. As a lunchplace... hm.

Kokemus: À la carte Lisätty: 17.09.2011
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Ravintola: Shasa smootila

The place was ok, and probably a real Mecca for the fans of superfoods. Nice and polite service, ok pricewise, and something different from the ordinary. Worth experiencing. At least once.

Kokemus: À la carte Lisätty: 17.09.2011
Arvosana: 2

Ravintola: Hotel Astor

Well, I've heard a lot of good about this place, but found it rather ordinary, perhaps because of my high expectations. Hotel-ish. Still, I must say that I found a lot of good things to eat, though I'm a vegetarian. My meat-eating partner was very positive indeed. Service was professional, quick and polite. It's worth a try!

Kokemus: Aamiainen / brunssi Lisätty: 17.09.2011
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Ravintola: Enjoy it kahvila ravintola

I've been here a couple of times, outside lunchtime, and I really like the place. For me, service is half the experience, and here you get friendly, caring service no matter who you are. The place is neat and clean, but I'd like to get rid of the loud refrigerators (half empty? what a waste!) close to where the customers sit. The other corner of the restaurant is very cosy though!

I've been here together with my meat eating friends, and they have not been as happy as I when we have left, so I recommend you to try their vegetarian food. It is splendid!

...and yes, I do too see the multicultural kitchen, with both Finnish and Bengali food as a plus.

Kokemus: À la carte Hinta: 9€ Lisätty: 03.04.2011
Arvosana: 4

Ravintola: Cantina West tex-mex

I have been here a couple of time, and think this restaurant is extraordinary. Not maybe so much because of the food (which is okay, and I'm happy to find several appealing dishes to choose from though I'm a vegetarian) but because of the welcoming. I'm not really a friend of texmex-food, and some dishes are drenched in sauces that almost certainly are not self made. Anyone who have checked what the SantaMaria sauces contain when it comes to E will know what I talk about. So why do I still like this, and want to come back? Well, it is because I really feel welcome! Service is fast, friendly, and multilingual, and the ambience during the weekend is great. Give it a try!

Kokemus: À la carte Hinta: 14€ Lisätty: 03.04.2011
Arvosana: 2

Ravintola: Café Tin Tin Tango kahvisalonki

Laid-back and welcoming - this café has its own special charm. I went here after work, and found the food mediochre but the service above it. This is an easy-going place to slip in to whatever the need in terms of food or drink.

Kokemus: À la carte Hinta: 10€ Lisätty: 03.04.2011
Arvosana: 3

Ravintola: Ravintola Elsa suomalainen

A luxurious Sunday morning, mostly thanks to professional and friendly service. I had no expectations, we jsut went here because of a special offer deal through this web page. I liked this a lot, though it didn't have much to offer for rhe strict vegetarian. I agree with the setting being ABC-structured, but I didn't mind. The only minuses (exceptr for the scarce veg) was that some dishes were way too salty.

Considering the price, I'd say 19 € may be a little over the top, but 9,50 € was more than priceworthy.

Kokemus: Aamiainen / brunssi Hinta: 10€ Lisätty: 03.04.2011
Arvosana: 2