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Ravintola: Lumière Vin & Cuisine ranskalaista brasserie

Excellent place in a wrong location. The concept is more or less a french brasserie - relaxed atmosphere, uncomplicated, decently priced food made and presented well with a glass of red if you want one, and full table service. Helsinki badly needs more places like this, especially considering that this one stays open on Sundays.

The problem is location. Lumiere is situated on a second floor of a cinema multiplex, which makes the place both invisible from the street level, and uninteresting to cinema goers (who'd rather grab a popcorn and soda before the movie, and go for some horrible junk afterwards). The result is that today, on a Sunday afternoon, there were as many customers as there was staff. This can't be good for business, so dear Lumiere, please do find yourself a new place in town (Karhupuisto perhaps?), we need you!

Kokemus: À la carte Hinta: 25€ Lisätty: 07.03.2016
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Ravintola: Strindberg kahvisalonki

"We don't have to take new customers after 21. 15". What the previous reviewer said. Locking the door and turning down people 45 minutes before the closing time is a seriously bad service. Even if you do get in, the prices are still outrageous. I guess with their prime spot that attracts peacockers and tourists Strindberg will stay in business for a long time, but I wouldn't mind if their place was taken by far more deserving Gran Delicato that's located just behind.

Kokemus: À la carte Lisätty: 10.04.2012
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