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Ravintola: Mami ravintola

In my opinion the best restaurant in Turku. Amazing food with excellent service. The only downside is that the restaurant is almost always full.

Kokemus: À la carte Hinta: 45€ Lisätty: 23.12.2009
Arvosana: 1

Ravintola: Japanilainen Ruokahuone Sakura japanilaista

Great Japanese food made from fresh ingredients in a skillful manner. Serves the best Sushi in Turku, but other meals are also really good. While as the restaurant itself is small, the environment is nice, polite and peaceful. Sakura offers one of the most polite and welcoming service in town - on par with Mami. Have visited the restaurant dozens of times and always have been happy with the visit.

Kokemus: Lounas Hinta: 10€ Lisätty: 23.12.2009
Arvosana: 1

Ravintola: Uusi Baan Thai thaimaalaista

Excellent Thai food for amazing prices. Premises aren't too fancy, but they are more than adequate when you think of the prices in the menu. One of my favorite choices for lunch.

Kokemus: Lounas Hinta: 6€ Lisätty: 23.12.2009
Arvosana: 0

Ravintola: Rocca Linnankatu 3

Rocca has been the best restaurant in Turku for many years, but lost its first place to Mami couple of years ago. Still, rocca is among the best restaurants in Finland and a great place to head to when you want to dine in a fine manner. Interesting dishes, in a somewhat snobby environment.

Kokemus: À la carte Hinta: 50€ Lisätty: 23.12.2009
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