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Restaurant: Rafla

Incredibly expencive!

I admit I have only eaten at this place once, and then only for lunch. But I did expect more than 3 lihapullat a smear of potato puree and a dollop of cream mushroom sauce. Meatballs were ok but nothing special. Service was good but I don't think I will be coming back.

Erfahrung: Mittagessen Preis: 18€ Hinzugefügt: 04.06.2012
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Restaurant: Ravintola Kolo

I don't quite understand the reviews of this restaurant, the food is ok but nowhere near among the best. I have dined here for lunch several times and the food can be hit and miss, notable misses include watery mashed potatoes and a split hollandaise sauce. Service is always quick and friendly and it is for this main reason I will consider coming back

Erfahrung: Mittagessen Hinzugefügt: 25.02.2012
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Restaurant: Spis

Amazing combinations of flavours. To me it is a revelation that the food tasted as you hope to expect but rarely get in a high class restaurant. While the menu sounds strange with some unusual combinations (white chocolate and parsnip anyone?) It all works together, very pure and natural flavours.
We had the 4 course surprise menu consisting of 2 vegetable 1 fish and 1 desert ( My partner does not eat meat) as well as this we also recieved 2 amuse-buches and 1 sorbet and 1 pre-desert. Very good value for money at under 60€.
This is now our favurite Helsinki restaurant, and we will be back as the menu changes seasonally. I just hope it wont get too popular and be constantly full of hip media types.

Erfahrung: À la carte Hinzugefügt: 25.02.2012
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Restaurant: Ravintola Motti

Little overpriced, however the food I tried was very tasty, with a good wine selection I will be coming back

Erfahrung: À la carte Hinzugefügt: 25.02.2012
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Restaurant: Silvoplee

While I am not vegetarian I do like this place, large selection and love the idea of only paying what you think you will eat, as you pay by the weight of the food you have chosen at the buffet.

Erfahrung: Mittagessen Hinzugefügt: 25.02.2012
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Restaurant: Mange sud
Erfahrung: À la carte Hinzugefügt: 18.11.2011
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Restaurant: Fransmanni Kluuvikatu

Very disappointing, while we didn't expect great food we did expect more flavour and more imagination in the dishes. Lots of similar/same ingredients on the menu done slightly differently. (is this what Finnish people want to eat?) However the biggest problem was the service. When we order wine we don't mind picking again if our selected wine is unavailable, we don't like having a replacement wine plonked in front of us anyway with no apology or much of a explanation. The only explanation for the attitude of the staff is that we seemed to be eating as the changeover from lunch to evening shift workers.

Erfahrung: À la carte Hinzugefügt: 04.09.2010
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Restaurant: Prego

I Go to Prego on a regular basis mainly for the lunch pastas, but I have also been several times in the evening to taste the ala carte menu. Having previously been dissapointed with the lunch pasta they have been getting a little better this last 2 months. The biggest problem when I last went in on a night the restaurant was full but they only had 2 members of staff working 1 chef and 1 waitress. Service was polite but too slow waiting for taking our order/drinks/bread/pasta's. This is not the first time I have had to wait too long, I will go back for lunch but not dinner.

Erfahrung: À la carte Hinzugefügt: 15.12.2009
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Restaurant: Juuri

We have wanted to try this restaurant for a long time and were lucky that when we called for a reservation on the same day they managed to fit us in. Service was friendly and educational, the waiter was able to tell us a little about where some of the dishes came from. Though we did arrive at a quiet time on a Sunday night so I guess the waiter had time to be more accomadating than if they were busy.
We decided to try some sapas (small Finnish appetizers) to start with, all made with traditional Finnish ingredients with a new contemporary twist. They recomend 2-3 per person as a starter. We had 5 between the 2 of us and picked our favourite one again to come with our mains, this was a pefect size for us as a starter for two hungry foodies.
Our main courses quickly arrived and was for me better than the starters tenderest piece of pork I have ever had (and I love pork)! Deserts were also good, a interesting selection of Finnish cheeses, and a very well made bread and butter pudding, great to see a traditional unfashionable pudding still made to be as moist and tasty as you can hope for. Very happy we came here and we hope to come back as soon as we can.
However a very small disappointment was that the menu has changed very slightly from the website version, we had almost decided what to have before we arrived only to find a small ammount of the dishes had changed. Not a big deal though as everything was great, just don't expect the exact same things as on the webpage.

Erfahrung: À la carte Hinzugefügt: 26.09.2010
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Restaurant: Farang

We ate the 8 course tasting menu, with about half of these dishes were the best we have tasted in Finland. Crispy fried belly pork and Betal leaf with smoked fish were the stars of the show. The rest of the dishes were good but not quite as memorable, wines served with each course matched particulary well. despite eating as part of a big group (9pax) with several dietary requirements dishes arrived quickly without drama. Staff were attentive and helpful. However the restaurant was very loud even for a busy Saturday night, our friend has a Iphone that measured the noise at 88 decibels. Is there nothing a Iphone can not do?
I only have 2 other critisisms, one is that while food was of a good standard (among the best in Helsinki) I have tasted better in Australia and England. 3 of the dishes I tasted seemed to be exact replicas as those from Longrain in Melbourne.
Another critisism was the waiting staff seemed to be too eager to clean down to finish, many cleaning and chatting at the bar talking about where to go after work. Also cleaning glasses while piling them up on the floor in trays (surley unhygenic)

Anyway very happy with the meal overall and good price for the quality of ingredients and service. For anyone unfamiliar with modern asian cuisine this will be a experience.

Erfahrung: À la carte Hinzugefügt: 03.02.2011
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