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No one else seems to have commented on the university cafes - and this is understandable because while the food is dirt cheap to students and reasonable to 'outsiders' it's hardly worth writing about - though I must say the bread is rather good. However, Topelius is a gem on a sunny day. Hidden inside the courtyard of what was once a hospital and is now home to a number of university departments, it offers fresh sandwiches and coffee etc. as well as some bog-standard dishes with a simple salad buffet. The drawcard is the oasis quality: fountain, flowers, trees, outdoor tables - hidden just metres from Senate Sq. and the Cathedral. Take off those pinching shoes and sit on the grass. It's closed from late June til early August unfortunately.

Experience: Lunch Price: 6€ Added: 28.10.2010
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Unioninkatu 38, 00170 Helsinki - Route
09 - 191 24309