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Restaurant: Sir Eino

The Club Sandwich was a travesty. During the Eat Helsinki weeks we swung by with a few mates to grab a Club Sandwich to start the evening and the 10 euros that I paid was significantly inflated. Ultimately the presentation was appalling, the sandwich lacked ingredients typically found in the classic and ultimately did not even include a side of french fries. This is ultimately not a restaurant but instead a pub, so stick with the beer and avoid the food. Or have plenty of beer before the food.

Erfahrung: À la carte Preis: 10€ Hinzugefügt: 14.04.2011
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Restaurant: Ristorante Zio Pepe

Definitely one of the better places for pasta in Helsinki; no gripes whatsoever with my Tagliatelle della Casa. When price is factored in, this place is definitely a place to remember.

The only small annoying factor was the fairly high temperature inside during summer, but I guess that may just be an issue with personal preferences. Related to this, interior is ok, but one has to remember that this doesn't really matter with good food, good service, and great company more than making up for it.

Erfahrung: À la carte Preis: 10€ Hinzugefügt: 24.06.2010
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Restaurant: Bravuria

This place comes across like a trendy company cafeteria, and the food continues with the analogy. The atmosphere is relatively chic in Helsinki terms and the idea of having customers armed with wireless cards run around for food is certainly new in Finland, but the execution is sub-par when compared to other places with similar concepts abroad. The prices of e.g. beverages, bread for pasta, etc. were somewhat hidden from view, which detracted from the experience. Additionally, having each member of the party fetch their own meals meant that the coordination time-wise was bad: I unfortunately had already finished my main course before my company received her pizza.

The food was acceptable; the pasta Carbonara was something that I could imagine our cooks at the office would whip up. The pizza that my accomplish enjoyed was, however, relatively good.

Overall I can see the niche for this place being the afterwork crowd on Fridays fetching a quick bit to eat and starting the evening off with some drinks, but as a restaurant Bravuria left a lot to be desired. And the novelty of NFC tracking does not really compensate for the fact that the prices were hiked up too high when compared to the actual substance.

Erfahrung: À la carte Preis: 13€ Hinzugefügt: 03.04.2011
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Restaurant: Blue Peter

Horrible service + overpriced food = awful experience. The least bad part of the experience was the food: my pasta was unmemorable, but my girlfriend's steak was very tasteless and the sour cream potatoes were obviously pre-cooked and thus the correct classification would have been potatoes with a side of cream.

The service, however, was completely unacceptable. Our reservation (which is needed to take advantage of the Kollegakortti discount) was lost, we were directed to the bistro instead of the a la carte side, service was sluggish and the overall impression of the staff was that they were very unprofessional and quite possibly recent hires, perhaps summer trainees. Promises to immediately correct something took ages and we were told that we can fetch our own water from the bar counter.

Location-wise Blue Peter is very remote which leads me to speculate that they may aim at charging premium prices from the sailing crowds who may want a quick meal at the end of the day without having to go downtown. Thus I have to conclude that based mainly on the price and appalling service I cannot suggest this place for anyone. Which is a shame, since the proximity to water and boats could offer vast opportunities to create an interesting and unique restaurant.

Erfahrung: À la carte Hinzugefügt: 03.06.2010
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Restaurant: Brasserie Kämp

Inconsistent. One would expect the cafe/restaurant at Kämp to be top-notch, but the variation in the level of service is very high, which is not acceptable considering the overall price level. The food is generally good and the atmosphere and decor are superb, making it an excellent place to pop by occasionally, but doesn't make the list of restaurants that I frequent. Which is a pity as there are so many low hanging fruits for the restaurant to pick that the entire package could easily be elevated to a new level.

Erfahrung: À la carte Preis: 21€ Hinzugefügt: 07.08.2010
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Restaurant: Bistro Helsinki 15

Definitely one of the better lunches in Helsinki for a very reasonable price. Having read all the positive feedback here, Bistro was still surprisingly good: my salmon with fennel purée was absolutely delicious and the couscous salad of my lunch partner also won praise, despite having perhaps a bit too strong taste of vinegar. The decor in all its simplicity just works and is very stylish. The only slightly negative aspect of experience was the service: the waiter had a mildly snooty attitude when the customer wasn't entirely sure of whether the orders are taken at the table or the counter, whether you'd be seated by the staff or yourself and then the fact that you were billed first. None of those aspects is a big deal itself, but the attitude with which these small details were communicated could have been more customer friendly. Asides from that, I can easily see myself grabbing lunch here more often in the future.

Erfahrung: Mittagessen Preis: 10€ Hinzugefügt: 10.08.2010
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Restaurant: Bridges

The Saturday night buffet at Bridges was a refreshingly positive surprise after some hotel restaurants. It was fairly priced and in general the quality, especially entrées, was above par. Decoration-wise the Hilton has seen its better days and is getting close to the point of needing a facelift. Service was very good and attentive, another positive aspect. Overall, the Saturday night buffet was a great way to kick off a good night, and I would recommend it without hesitation.

Erfahrung: À la carte Preis: 25€ Hinzugefügt: 21.09.2010
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Restaurant: Grande Grill

Taking advantage of the Eat Helsinki promotion took us to this side-act of Santa Fé. All chicken courses were on sale for 10 euros, and what can one say? Two large breasts of chicken and a very decently sized serving of mashed potatoes sprinkled with bacon ensured that even the larger feeling of hunger was rid with ease. The place was quite packed, perhaps because of the aforementioned sale, which resulted in a fair bit of untidiness in the restaurant. Our waitress was also fairly young and did stumble a bit with parts of the service, but made up for that with a nice smile and a good attitude.

Erfahrung: À la carte Preis: 10€ Hinzugefügt: 21.09.2010
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The most positive aspect of Iguana are the opening hours, which are generous. But unfortunately in other departments the restaurant fails. Getting our pizzas took closer to 45 minutes while the restaurant was mainly populated by the local bar crowd. The pizzas, once they arrived, turned out to have been largely burned from the bottom while still being able to retain a very moist and liquid-y appearance on the toppings. Sufficient to say, if you come here, just stick with the drinks and grab your food elsewhere.

Erfahrung: À la carte Preis: 11€ Hinzugefügt: 10.09.2010
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Restaurant: Ravintola Pannu

Above par pan pizzas in the center of Oulu. What else can one say but agree with the older comments: the pan pizzas are clearly better than your average pizzas in Finland. As a fun bit of trivia, supposedly the pizza culture in Finland originates from Oulu...

The restaurant was full, but we managed to get a table decently quickly. Despite the previous two comments, service was ok from our perspective: the waitresses were actually smiling, which tends to be somewhat rare, especially in southern Finland.

Erfahrung: À la carte Preis: 20€ Hinzugefügt: 07.08.2010
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