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Restaurant: Qulma

Great lunch or coffee place, also rumored to be rolling out afternoon tapas after the summer break
( wireless!)

Experience: À la carte Price: 10€ Added: 23.07.2010
Rating: -2

Restaurant: Ravintola Aito finnish
Experience: À la carte Price: 20€ Added: 05.04.2011
Rating: 0

Restaurant: Bistro Helsinki 15 italian bistro

This has become one of my favorite lunch places in Helsinki. The food is good and there is enough choice on the daily changing lunch menu.

Experience: Lunch Price: 10€ Added: 02.08.2010
Rating: 3

Restaurant: Cafe Crustum german bakery&cafe

Great for baked goods and brunch buffet

Experience: Lunch Price: 14€ Added: 18.10.2010
Rating: 0

Restaurant: Olo Ravintola Scandinavian

Great 'nordic' cuisine, fresh ingredients and interesting flavor combinations.
Also has a nice terrace bar in the inside courtyard open in the summer

Experience: À la carte Added: 24.07.2010
Rating: 1

Restaurant: Gran Delicato Kalevankatu greek style café-deli

Great coffee, service and sandwiches!

Experience: À la carte Added: 23.07.2010
Rating: 2

Restaurant: Ravintola Tokyo55 japanese

I heard recently that the kitchen staff had changed at the restaurant and i decided it was time for a revisit. I have to say, I was positively surprised. They have some interesting takes on Japanese dishes like miso cod (cod replaced by white fish) and the sushi and sashimi was fresh and really good! Not soaked in mayonnaise like in some places in Helsinki.

Experience: À la carte Price: 30€ Added: 02.08.2010
Rating: 0

Restaurant: Lungi

Great lunch and coffe, the perfect place to sit and work in the afternoon or hang out with a glass of wine

(free wifi)

Experience: Lunch Price: 8€ Added: 30.07.2010
Rating: 0



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