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Ravintola: Ravintola Aino suomalainen keittiö

Decent enough lunch, with a back patio serving food (but not the front patio on Esplanadi unfortunately). Good fish, but slightly expensive for a lunchtime.

Kokemus: À la carte Lisätty: 10.09.2006
Arvosana: 0

Ravintola: Chilli Keskuskatu 6 pikakebab

Generic Finnish kebabs. Life is too short for such things.

Kokemus: À la carte Lisätty: 10.09.2006
Arvosana: -1

Ravintola: Ravintola Loft skandinaavinen

Far better than the previous Restaurant G18, both the room and the cooking has improved. A Swedish-ish menu with some modern touches, some of the food could maybe have used a little more salt. Very friendly service.

Kokemus: À la carte Hinta: 45€ Lisätty: 14.11.2007
Arvosana: 2

Ravintola: Ilmatar kansainvälinen

Ilmatar has been revamped - a far simpler menu, playing on standard hotel food. Very good ingredients, but there's something restrained and lacklustre about the final food.

Kokemus: À la carte Hinta: 35€ Lisätty: 15.11.2007
Arvosana: 0

Ravintola: Grotesk mukava ravintola

On the site of Via, a great restaurant serving killer food. Impeccable desserts; so good I had 2! Very friendly service, but don't expect much help navigating the short wine list.

Kokemus: À la carte Hinta: 55€ Lisätty: 14.11.2007
Arvosana: 0

Ravintola: Strindberg kahvisalonki

Generally good cakes and coffee, though can be eyewateringly expensive (similar to Fazer and othe grnad cafes round here).

Kokemus: À la carte Lisätty: 27.10.2007
Arvosana: 0

Ravintola: Kanniston Leipomo Kankurinkatu leipomokauppa ja kahvila

Pretty good bread, cakes and sandwiches, if more Finnish style (doughy rather than crispy pastry). Great Finnish meat pastries to fatten you up in the morning. Owned by the coffee importer down the road.

Kokemus: À la carte Hinta: 4€ Lisätty: 19.08.2007
Arvosana: 0

Ravintola: Kahvila Suomi lounasravintola

Traditional Finnish lunch fare, pretty solid, if not Seahorse standards. Often half full with Japanese tourists having a coffee.

Kokemus: Lounas Hinta: 9€ Lisätty: 19.08.2007
Arvosana: 0

Ravintola: Juuri suomalaista

Quality cooking, with inventive finnish tapas starters.

Kokemus: À la carte Hinta: 40€ Lisätty: 19.08.2007
Arvosana: 1

Ravintola: Ravintola Palace Fine dining

Completely unmemorable expensive 70s gormet dining experience.

Kokemus: À la carte Lisätty: 19.08.2007
Arvosana: 0