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Ravintola: Tamarin thaimaalaista

The worst Thai restaurant in Helsinki I have been so far. The main problem is the taste of food: not a big pleasure. For equal price you can get tastier food in other restaurants (I do not name them as it is not a sale pitch :)

I would recommend you to avoid Tamarin.

Kokemus: À la carte Hinta: 18€ Lisätty: 20.03.2011
Arvosana: -4

Ravintola: Ravintola Bruno pihviravintola

I went there after reading mostly positive reviews. . what a mistake! The so-called steak was some sort of prepared meat but not what a good steak should be. The service was friendly although absolutely inattentive. I felt like being in self-service restaurant.

Kokemus: À la carte Hinta: 27€ Lisätty: 07.12.2009
Arvosana: 0

Ravintola: Empire Plaza kiinalaista

I visited this restaurant multiple times and will keep doing so. The atmosphere here is nice and relaxing, nothing distracts you from enjoying your meals. Food quality is among the best for Chinese restaurants. I was never disappointed by any meal, whatever I have ordered. Service is friendly and quite fast. Recommended.

Kokemus: À la carte Hinta: 26€ Lisätty: 20.03.2011
Arvosana: 0

Ravintola: Ryan Thai Vuorikatu thaimaalaista

Gosh. . they missed my soup. The food was absolutely ordinary, no special appeal. A large part of the menu is filled with meat, seafood or poultry in the same dressing that is quite trivial. Service staff is way too slack.

Kokemus: À la carte Hinta: 25€ Lisätty: 16.11.2009
Arvosana: 1

Ravintola: Buddha nepalilaista

Miserable interior, joyless food. I ordered Saag Paneer for a start, remembering nice combination of cheese and spinach. Disaster. While chicken was ok, lamb with herbs did not deliver. It seems that in Helsinki there is a big problem with quality Indian and Nepalese food.

Kokemus: À la carte Hinta: 28€ Lisätty: 24.11.2009
Arvosana: 2

Ravintola: Mt. Everest Vilhola nepalilaista

The first thing to note is that service could be more personal, not the basic "thank you". The food was edible though nothing worth trying it again. I know Nepalese cuisine can be better. The dessert was horrible - fried banana with rum and ice cream - could hardly finish it. All in all, I suppose there could be better dishes served in that place, at least the list is big enough to choose from. However, not sure I want to give it a second chance.

Kokemus: À la carte Hinta: 29€ Lisätty: 08.11.2009
Arvosana: 0